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www.cftd.us___________________________________________________ Volume II, ISSUE V Spring, 2006

To Take Upon You the Cross


In the darkest age of the so-called sciences of mental health, sometimes a simple unsubstantiated lie could be used against a good and innocent human being and inflict the most barbaric of legalized human torture against him. The Provo hospital in the 1950's was a place in many ways worse than the harshest prison. Faced with a dilemma of how to kill a man while at the same time maintaining the protection of the law in commonly held beliefs of what were acceptable "medical" practices, the staff of this facility experimented with maximum settings on their electroshock machine, levels that would kill many other men, but their "patient" somehow withstood their attempts to wipe his mind and soul clear of his spiritual beliefs.

A man of a pure and innocent heart who said he saw the Lord and on another occasion heard the Lordís voice ask him, "Now do you want to say your prayers?" could not be allowed to walk free unless he or his message or both were somehow destroyed. A man who said he had precious knowledge from God which was of great value in helping the LDS Church had to be considered a threat to servants of evil and their controlled entities and must be silenced. Combined with this, a sincere and humble man who said he believed in the Mormon Churchís deeply rooted mission in bringing Gospel knowledge to the American Indians and a man who believed the destined and prophesied knowledge of blessings to the American Indian people could come to fruition in his lifetime was not someone the leadership of the Mormon people was looking to welcome. Carefully constructed lies would have to be constructed to discredit the man and destroy his life and his message from God.

The barbaric torturous practices of drug experimentation and electroshock "therapy" were inflicted on many patients with reckless abandon. Much of what Richard Kimball experienced in this torture chamber was too difficult for him to repeat, so great was his suffering at the hands at those who seemed to relish every chance to inflict it on a sincere and innocent man. How his brilliant and sharp mind survived in tact the treatments of 20th century barbarians, to continue his mission to serve the Lord can be described as nothing less than a miracle. For the wisdom of the Lord is greater than the cunningness of the Devil. 

Like other great Mormon Saints, Richard P. Kimball had a tremendous love for the American Indian people and the House of Israel, but was prevented from traveling to meet and testify to them by enemies of truth and severe physical health problems much of his life. His health suffered severely partly as a result of being unjustly and dishonestly incarcerated against his will in the State of Utah for his Mormon religious faith. The practices and techniques of the so called "mental health" authorities for diagnosing and treating "patients" in the 1950's have been exposed as tremendously primitive and flawed in common knowledge of society in general.

"In view of the primitive simplicity of their minds, they (the masses) more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big." Adolph Hitler. Mein Kampf, Vol.1, Ch. 10, 1924 tr. Ralph Manheim, 1943

Electroshock is a brain-disabling, torturous. barbaric  psychiatric procedure that always causes brain damage, trauma, terror, permanent memory loss, and sometimes death. Hundreds of deaths are known about, but many have gone unreported. A noted psychiatrist labels electroshock "electrically induced closed head injury" because it always damages the brain. This same doctor urges a ban of electroshock treatments, and is a board certified neurologist in good standing with hospitals, professional societies and licensing boards. He further states, "I do not believe in mental illness. Depression is no more Ďthe same as diabetesí than heartbreak is the same as a heart attack." 

Although many assume the primitive and barbaric practice of electroshock abuse from the 1950's has been corrected, the opposite is true. Although the horrors and terrible crimes against humanity were uncovered in subsequent years , electroshock actually never went away. It is still a very common procedure. Proponents, many of whom benefit financially from its continued practice have simply become more arrogant in its promotion and their own seemingly protected status of "experts in their field" bestowed upon them by others who need special interests served; a title which courts and even society itself tend to support religiously.

An average of 150_200 volts of electricity are delivered to the brain through electrodes placed on one side or both sides of the brain during each shock procedure. The current lasts for half of a second to two seconds. Research shows that statements from "patients" of this procedure hardly endorse it but they are clearly victims of torture, "To be held down, drugged and forcibly administered convulsive dose after convulsive dose of electroshock to the head: can anyone think of a greater assault on a human being's rights, short of death,  in the whole world?"

In modern world discussion there are times when the Modern Mormon Church and Mormon people are discussed, often in terms of what kind of people Mormons are, etc. The real questions seem always unasked unfortunately, such as who is a Mormon, which of the "Mormon" people actually can be scrutinized as true and knowledgeable members of their faith, or more importantly, is there actually a living soul on the planet who represents what it is to be a Mormon and can rationally discuss and defend their beliefs in a matter consistent with the origins and true teachings of the Mormon Church? Many can cite many hypocritical examples of what Mormons pretend to be, but the examples of "true" and sincere people of the Mormon faith becomes a very short list in the minds of most. Richard P. Kimball was such an individual and much of the world who encountered anything genuine about Richard P. Kimball hated him for it, even though this innocent man had no offense to apologize for. Any good person who has ever made a sincere effort to know the brilliantly special man Richard P. Kimball, are shocked that such an act of barbarism could have occurred in our so-called civilized twentieth century America.

Richard P. Kimballís court appointed lawyer was running late, as it turned out, at least 15 minutes. In spite of the young man having no representation, the hearing was pushed through without delay. They moved quickly, and by the time Richard P. Kimballís court appointed lawyer arrived, they were sentencing him to the Provo hospital, where he would be treated for his "illness" of spirituality and remarkable recounting of religious experiences. A sincere and sweet simple man who tested out with a high IQ when he was in the army was now deprived of a fair hearing and any constitutional rights of liberty and freedom whatsoever that he had served his country to protect. The Lord has said, "As you have done to the least of these, so have you done unto me"

It was very clear to young Richard Kimball that a high ranking Dr. Henager in particular seemed to take great delight in the suffering he was going through. The voltage was turned up to maximum, many times of what was considered normal and excruciating suffering surged through Richard P. Kimball. The staff was determined to purge the spirituality out of the mind of a man who said he had had contact from the Lord. This kind of experience that Richard Kimball had shared did not fit in with the new thinking in the LDS Church, which had newly implemented teachings that only the Church hierarchy would be allowed religious communications of significance. 

But despite the electric surges set on maximum setting, Richard P. Kimball would not die, nor could they destroy the mind and spirit of a tremendously great and special man of God. For the wisdom of the Lord is far greater than the cunningness of the devil. Although they inflicted great physical damage on this amazing man enough to affect his physical capabilities the rest of his life, Richard P. Kimballís mind and spirit derived superhuman strength from that source far more powerful than that lesser master who was in charge of the Provo facility and itís staff. For the devil who had gained control over much of the Mormon church and itsí leaders could not conquer a man of God no matter how much torture he caused to be inflicted on this special human being. It was made clear to him that the Mormon leaders thought he was in the hands of capable medical "professionals" although since then the so-called knowledge of these so called members of the health care profession has clearly been refuted as primitive and barbaric.

The physical atrocities committed against Richard P. Kimball only caused him to pray more for deliverance. It was shown to Richard P. Kimball that God still had something to do with the Mormon Church because when he prayed earnestly for the Lord to release him from the Provo Hospital, his cousin who was an apostle in the Church, Spencer W. Kimball, showed up the next day and made necessary connections to allow Richard Kimball to be granted a home stay. The physical damage was tremendous but the Lord eventually healed the special young servant enough so that he could eventually return to work and support his family, for the wisdom of the Lord is greater than the cunningness of the Devil. 

It certainly did not end there, however. Richard Kimball found his reputation savaged and had to advertise working for reduced wages and do the work of two men just to support his family. The harder he tried, the more he became aware of forces in the Church working behind his back to keep him from making an adequate living to support his family. Although not a permanent release, Richard P. Kimball was always very grateful to escape the putrid horrors of the Provo facility, although he felt the threat and endangerment the rest of his life, because the paperwork to permanently grant his freedom was never filled out. In a different situation in a similar but far more humane facility in a different state, Richard P. Kimball was pronounced "cured" by the doctor who interviewed him, because it was clear to anyone outside of the corrupt influences governing the State of Utah and who had no biased or preconceived hatred of him, that Richard Kimball was a sane and innocent man, and always was nothing other than a good and innocent man.

During his terrible ordeal of being oppressed by the fear of having his freedom taken away permanently by a return to the barbaric horrors of the Provo facility, Richard P. Kimball made an appointment with his cousin, who was an apostle in the LDS Church. Spencer W. Kimball drew two circles on a piece of paper, and began saying, "there is the Church and then there is the Kingdom of God..." Moments before as he was on his way to see Spencer W. Kimball, Richard P. Kimball had heard Apostle Mark E. Peterson through an open door to an office making venomous remarks about him, and he was overwhelmed by thoughts of just wanting to escape the torment he had been put through and of taking care of his family, so he interrupted Spencer W. Kimball, saying, "All I want to do is just take care of my family, (just help me have the freedom to take care of my family)." Richard Kimball had the thought later that maybe Spencer Kimball was referring to a greater organization on the earth that he could somehow appeal to, and therefore regretted it later that he did not allow Spencer Kimball to finish what he started to explain.

No man loved the Lordís Gospel and Church more than Richard P. Kimball, and where lesser men and women simply succumb to all that sweeps through the LDS Church as it does the rest of society, not even the most severe torture allowed in twentieth century so-called "medical" facilities, nor a lifetime of stealing a good manís reputation could keep Richard P. Kimball from rejecting his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Richard Kimballís older brother had told him once that Spencer W. Kimball used to stick up for him against all of the other apostles and he should be appreciative of this.

Richard P. Kimball was the foremost authority and defender of Joseph Smith and the Mormon religion that the world has seen since the days of the early Mormon Church. He left a tremendous legacy of Mormon knowledge which is now published under his direction as the biggest collection of authentic Mormon religion and Mormon writings on the worldís internet; it is fearfully avoided by those who may be considered critics, for so called great minds of the Mormon Church have found themselves embarrassingly confounded when they have written to refute Richard P. Kimballís authentic interpretation of the Mormon religion. This title is easily claimed and justly accorded, for no other man born in the twentieth century has a comparable record of accepting the calling of valiancy to defend Joseph Smith and the Mormon Religion as did Richard P. Kimball. When so called great minds of the modern LDS Church attempted to confound the work of Richard P. Kimball with conventional Mormon thought and teachings they encountered a wisdom of the Lordís spirit long extinct in their social church circles and found them themselves shrinking and seeking cover from their exposed ignorance. Though Richard P. Kimball has passed from his mortal condition his wisdom and brilliance that was given to him from the Lord remain, and the wisdom of the Lord is far more powerful than the cunningness of the Devil. This man is responsible for the largest internet source of spiritual knowledge on the planet.

Which man born in the twentieth century can compare to the brilliance of wisdom from the Lord left by Richard P. Kimball? A man destined for greatness could not be suppressed, and who knows what great accomplishments a healthy Richard P. Kimball could have accomplished, had the servants of Satan not seized him and hastened the destruction of his health? The man who was unrecognized and ignored in his life is destined to become known to the world. Like other great men in the Mormon Church, Richard P. Kimball sought to reach the Lamanites to teach them of their wonderful covenant owed to them by God, but he was prevented by his enemies from doing so. A once powerful and imposing physical specimen of a powerful figure of a man was so debilitated from attacks against him that he was for all intents and purposes homebound the latter decades of his life and was only able to write his priceless messages to the Lamanite people through humble means, mailing them off and paying for them only as his limited pension would allow.


"You know, brethren, that a very large ship is benefited very much by a very small helm in the time of a storm, by being kept workways with the wind and the waves". These words were delivered to us through Joseph Smith our founding prophet while he was still in the Liberty jail. Put there by persecutors of the Mormon Church under false pretenses to try and destroy him. Recently the 200th birthday of Joseph Smith was celebrated by the Church people. This created a cacophony of outstanding proportions, all claimed to know him, when in reality they are so very far from a true knowledge of him. Many dreary speeches and all manner of unknowledgeable authorities making erroneous statements that more than often defame and discredit who he was. Pseudo church historians came out in droves, wherein dozens of books claiming to be the real truth were put to the bookshelves of our stores. Even though any serious history student can plainly see that these new books are a creation of pure fiction mixed with some fact to discredit and defame Joseph Smith our true founder. But it doesnít stop there.

 New images of the way Joseph Smith looked are constantly being painted and imagined up as the way that he looked; these images portray him as an effeminate and silly looking Sunday school boy with long eyelashes, based on his death mask that shows a receding chin and large nose that was stuffed with cotton after his face had been damaged by the mob that killed him. And this, in spite of the fact that the R.L.D.S. have a portrait of him from an original daguerreotype that was accepted by the Church at one time as the best likeness of him that was available. And the pretended honoring of the birthday of Joseph Smith by the so called great men who were entrusted to be caretakers of the Mormon Church is ranked among the greatest hypocritical shams of History Revisionism in modern world history. "For they which garnished the sepulchers of the dead were they which slew them."

This discordant cacophony of praises, portraits, books, lectures, and speeches grates on the ears of the sensible almost to the level of pain. The Church history revisionists are working overtime with their minions in rewriting Mormonism into a New Worldly Church, wherein they proudly proclaim, look what we have done with the Mormon Religion, Why, we have brought the primitive Church into the 21st century! They say that the uneducated simpletons of yesteryear are replaced with sophisticated highly educated business men of the here and now................. "Why have ye transfigured the holy word of God, that ye might bring damnation upon your souls.?" "O ye pollutions, ye hypocrites , ye teachers, who sell yourselves for that which will canker, why have ye polluted the holy church of God?" Book of Mormon-Mormon 8-v.33 &38.

The problem with this kind of thinking is that if you do a math equation and are in error at the first part of the equation then there is no way that you can reach the correct answer. So the Church doctrine cannot be wrong as it was first established or the entire church would still be wrong. Conversely if the Church doctrine was correct today it would have to be correct in the beginning! So there can be no rewriting of church doctrine, to fit in with modern times as they say, no matter what.

So if there is no real captain at the helm of the great ship, that all present, are imposters, fakes, and charlatans that are not experienced and barely comprehend the workings of the ship, then in the time of a storm what will become of the great ship?

Last Address of Richard P. Kimball -

Written to the Lamanites and all others interested in Preserving the Truth:

With all of their concepts of being part of the world and fitting in with the churches and ideas of the world and with all of their conformities of wanting to fitting in with all of the world and be part of the world religion etc. they seem to have lost track of the fundamental fact that they no longer seem to feel it is important any more to preserve the truths and the Mormon religion and that the true story of the Sacred Grove is no longer taught correctly.

The present Church leaders and people have evidently joined the crowd of worldlyism and of discrediting the Book of Mormon, even to the extent of slandering and lying that Joseph Smith "lied" about seeing the Angel Moroni and accepting the publishing of the truth, or instead that Joseph Smith lied about the Angel Moroni and renewed the Gospel on the earth through a salamander.

To the Lamanites: The Mormon apostate leaders in complete apostasy are trying to destroy the truth of the Book of Mormon and that it was sent by God to the Lamanites in these last days and that they are Godís covenant people and will inherit this land. It is time for the Lamanites to put forth their strength to not let these complete apostate Mormon leaders succeed in destroying their heritage.

Itís incredible that in all of these years of their mission to the Lamanites the LDS apostates have covered up the fact that the Book of Mormon applies to the Lamanites and applies to them instead. They fear the truth established by Joseph Smith will come back and they will be replaced by His (the Lordís) righteous leaders.

They have shown desire to discredit this newsletter and web sites that we have made the effort and sacrifice to put out these years and the letters we have published for approximately two decades in Indian newspapers. They have made a deliberate effort along with various apostate groups to hurt and destroy Richard P. Kimball. And all their offshoot apostate groups who are building churches in their own images are sisters under the skins with the LDS leaders. The truth never changes.

Richard P. Kimball is elderly and has infirmities and needs the support of the Lamanites to have the strength to continue until the truth prevails. The light is flickering and we cannot let the light go out that was established by God through Joseph Smith, who tried to reach the Lamanites but was prevented by his enemies from doing so. Brigham Young said Joseph Smith tried to get to the Lamanites to raise them, but such a close watch his enemies put that he was prevented from doing so. The latter-day Lamanites are stated in the Mormon Doctrine and Covenants to bring forth the true points of the Book of Mormon. The battle never changes.

"Salt that has lost itís savor"

On this land there were two civilizations before ours that were destroyed by secret combinations and they were a far more valiant people than we in our society are today. They brought an immediate conclusion to it. Either the right prevailed or the wicked did. In other words, they did not have this great middle ground we have now.

It is foretold in the Book of Mormon that the Lamanites in the last days would be raised up by a servant of God to save the roots still left in the tree; it states in the last days the tree had grown to be a great lofty tree, meaning the Mormon Church, and had great beautiful branches and the Lord came back to reap the fruit that He had planted and he tasted of the fruit of each limb and every one was bitter. He called his servant and said "it grieves me that I have to burn the whole thing."

His servant pleaded with the master and said there is still a little life left in the roots; let us go out and bring a graft in. So the Lord told him "Yes, it grieves me that I should lose the vineyard which I have nourished all of this time. You go out in the nethermost parts of the vineyard and bring in some branches." The servant came back and gradually grafted that in to the main trunk branches and gradually they started overcoming the bitter fruit on every one of the lofty branches that were going down and killing everything, even the roots.

There is just a little bit of life in the roots and the servant came back and grafted in a branch of Lamanites until the good fruit started replacing the bitter fruit.

The apostate Mormons are trying to destroy the Lamanite heritage of the Book of Mormon to keep this grafting from succeeding. Are you going to let them? Are the apostate Mormons going to be allowed to destroy the Lamanite heritage of the Book of Mormon?

The above is the last address of Richard P. Kimball, given word for word as he spoke it on January 28, 2006. Although in declining health, at the time he spoke these words he did not realize his mortal time on this earth would end less than a week later.

He wanted nothing more in life than to visit and preach to the Lamanite people, but his poor health never allowed him to. It grieved him to see the Mormon people apostatize from the true religion and open attacks against the Church coming from the highest levels of the Church itself, from current Church leaders embracing the forgeries of Mark Hofmann, to placing inverted pentagrams on modern LDS buildings and then attempted revisions of historical definitions of this evil symbol to cover their mistake, and of course the flawed DNA research which anchors itself to unproven tenets of popular scientific theories; like any spider web, it has woven in legitimate science with the shaky anchor of whatever seems solid to the ever changing opinions of the scientific community. While the web of a spider contains some very remarkable engineering feats of science towards the middle, it is as temporary a structure as the placement of the objects to which it is anchored. The web of so-called modern Mormon apologetics on DNA research will collapse the same as the spider web when constructed on a swinging door that suddenly moves the web to a different position.

WW II veteran, cherished father, brother and grandfather Richard Partridge Kimball passed away peacefully at home on February 3, 2006. He was born April 19, 1919 in Salt Lake City, son of Clark and Lydia Maud Partridge Kimball. This special humble man was loved and cherished dearly by those who knew him, as a wonderfully warm charismatic human being of an exemplary Christ-like nature; his special love of that knowledge beyond this mortal life and the salvations of his loved ones led him to be valiant for truth to the very end. Although suffering from numerous health problems for years, he chose to stay on this earth to endure his ailments and conditions as long as he could for the benefit of his children, and he took care of his family to the end; he now continues his work from the other side.

He lived and ate frugally so he could use his small pension to help his family and bless all in the world who sought to learn from him knowledge of the Gospel, for his chief desire and purpose in life was to be a servant of the Lord, no matter the cost or sacrifice. He instilled in his children a great love of their pioneer heritage.

He was the great grandson of several notable Mormon pioneer leaders such as Heber C. Kimball, Orson Pratt and Edward Partridge, and cherished the fact that his great grandmother Prescindia Huntington was sealed for eternity to the Prophet Joseph Smith.

He had a dream he was going through several narrow passageways and doorway spaces in tiny rooms to eventually find a large room filled with treasure. This was symbolic of the good that had been accomplished from his unrecognized and unknown missionary efforts in this life. He was a valiant defender and spokesman for his faith and the teachings of Joseph Smith, and had an exceptional gift of understanding and discerning knowledge of the Mormon Religion.

Preceded in death by parents and three brothers, Stanley, Clifford and Benjamin. He is survived by his sister, eleven children, thirty three grandchildren and twenty two great-grandchildren.

With the passing of Richard P. Kimball, the worldís foremost authority on scriptural knowledge of the Book of Mormon was lost. Although unrecognized while he was alive, he is not forgotten by those who treasured and loved him. This work is now directed by the residue of the powerful Christ-like love of this man, which is from God, and therefore eternal. The presence of Richard P. Kimball infused into the heavens has added a fresh invigoration to the power on the earth even stronger than when he had a mortal body, for all great saints who lived a life of testimony to Christ have added to that power of heaven through their trials and sufferings.

Stormy Seas


The darkest storm of all gains strength in the horizon, with frightening powers to envelop all that come near.

A great suction pulls the ocean into itís grasp little by little; seeking to claim all into its awful grasp by use of the current.

Never to fear, the admiral leads his fleet of ships to the safety of a peaceful light through charted waters,

With tried and true helmsmen entrusted guide his fleet. For beyond the obstacles a great light of eternal refuge is shown to them by the Admiral.


Impeding the way are terrible storms,

Though not the darkest of them all,

With terrible force they batter the fleet,

Yet one helmsman still stands tall.


With merciless fury the fleet is damaged,

Many lose strength and fail,

While the Admiralís orders are now faint to some,

One powerful figure is determined to prevail.


This lone figure is guiding the helm,

For any who seek to find safety,

But against the prevailing current he sails,

Or however the waves may be.


For itís the admiralís orders he hearkens to,

Having seen for himself that great light,

If others lose their strength and are swept away,

This helmsman does not lose the fight.


For he that loves his family the most,

Is he that will prevail,

There will be a helmsman who will guide us back.

To the home from which we set sail.


Ferocious waves crash across the bough,

Unleashing great fury on this lone man,

But through the storm the figure stays strong,

With iron grip, his helm still in his hand.


The ships of many begin to pass,

heading the opposite direction,

Though weakened he continues to obey,

With steely determination.


With unyielding fury the ship has been battered,

the lone figure remains on deck,

His physical strength now failing,

But his course the storm will not check.


As many pass some begin to mock,

"What kind of fool is he,

Continuing with his ship alone,

While others seek calmer sea."


"Only a madman would continue pursuing,

and not join us with the current sea,

"He refuses to say that his cause is lost,

and join things as they must be."


The lone figure still braces

against each crashing wave,

He refuses to disobey his admiral,

So he continues to be brave.


From his journey he will not relent,

His frame now battered and broken,

And yet he continues to guide his ship,

Though his mortal trek soon comes to end.


Will others step forward to carry the torch,

or will they cast the blame,

Have the courage to stand alone,

In this calling there is no shame.

During the last few years of his life, many workers in the medical profession tried to counsel Richard P. Kimball about his options to sign a "Living Will" that would provide instructions for how he would want to die should he he decide his suffering was too great, or someone in the medical profession conclude the his "quality" of life would warrant his hastened passing away. He politely and graciously refused their advice and remained steadfast in his desire to not participate or endorse the culture of death that has invaded our society. Days before his passing, doctor after doctor approached Richard P. Kimball and in great detail explained his terminal condition and specific details of what his physical body would suffer leading to his imminent death. Instead of reacting with a natural hurt or anger at the redundancy of the same unpleasant scenario described by each doctor, Richard P. Kimball reacted with tremendous graciousness and class, expressing his gratitude for their efforts and time, and shaking each doctorís hand after the same grim prognosis was explained. When one doctor mentioned to Richard P. Kimball that he had a "right" to a living will and options to hasten his death, he again politely refused but thanked him for the information, responding cheerfully, "I understand, but I need to keep my conscience clear before God."

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