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Seeing the Savior

Translated Beings Laboring Among the Indians


The following experience is one of many documented accounts of translated beings administering to saints in the Western Hemisphere. 

    On the morning of the 19th of March, 1940, at about 7 o'clock, I was going out into the yard taking care of some of the duties of the household, and upon opening the door an elderly man stood about four feet from the kitchen door from which I had just come.

    His hair was not entirely gray but it had streaks of gray. He was about five feet eleven inches in height, was not especially heavy set, but weighing about one hundred and sixty pounds. He wore a beard but no mustache, trimmed, and was tidily dressed with a dark suit. He wore a light gray overcoat of light weight. He looked very kind, his eyes were grayish blue, and he wore a light gray hat. Upon seeing him, he took off his hat and said: "Good morning my dear, can you spare time to fix me a bit of breakfast." 

    I at first thought I would say "no" but he looked so kind and clean that I said: "Sure, come in," both of us walking toward the kitchen door and he following me.  I set a chair before him and invited him to sit down which he did, this being in the kitchen, I immediately started to fix breakfast for him. 

     He sat and watched me and soon he said: "It has been many years since I have been in this part of the Lord's vineyard. I was amazed at the growth of Mesa." I made some reply which I do not now recall. He went on to ask: "Is the Church growing rapidly?" to which I answered, "Yes it is, especially here. My father came with the early pioneers and I can remember as a child there were such a few, but now there are ten wards in this stake."

    He said: "My dear, your father was very fortunate to have been called as one of the pioneers. I have been in Mexico for many years laboring with that branch of the Church. " (It struck me at the time as peculiar when he called it a branch.) "You will live to see the day when that part of the Lord's vineyard and this part will be as brothers. I visited with the saints in California last week. The Lord is not pleased with His people there; they are living too fast. They let the real things of life slip behind while they take up the unimportant things. They are like the most of the people now; they pray with their lips and have no faith in their hearts."

    Continuing he said: "the condition of the world is dreadful. In Germany there are many of the Lord's choice people, and in no other way could the gospel be spread only through this dreadful war."

    All this was said while I was preparing  the meal, after which I set it down before  him. While he was eating I washed the mornings dishes. I asked him if he would have anything else and he said: "Thank you my dear." When I was fixing his breakfast I said: "Do you like your eggs poached hard or soft?" to which he replied: "My dear, even as you have done it to the least of these you have done it unto me."

    During the entire visit I felt a very serene, peaceful and quiet feeling. After finishing his breakfast, he arose, took his overcoat which he put over a chair, and as he reached the door he turned and said: "You may not think much of this coming from me, but I promise you that through your faith, you nor yours shall never want."

    Before going to the door I handed him his hat. He then said: "Good morning" and I replied " Good morning" and he was gone. All the while my son, Robert Shill, was in the adjoining room from the kitchen and after the stranger had left, he immediately came into the kitchen and said, "Mom who was that man? He was the queerest talking man I ever heard." To which I replied: I don't know, son, but he was dressed so well kept to be asking for breakfast."

    We both walked out of the house, not more than one minute from the time he left the kitchen door,  going clear to the road  which was about three hundred feet from  the kitchen, but could see no one. He could not be seen in any direction, the road going straight for two miles in either direction. I have wondered and pondered about it so much and feel assured in my own heart it was one of the three Nephites. It would have taken at least a few minutes to go to the road and we went out immediately after he had left. 

    This incident occurred in the settlement of Lehi, Maricopa County, Maricopa Stake, Arizona, on our twenty acre farm. The Latter Day Saint church is located about one thousand feet from our home and the school house is about the same. 

                                                                           Hazel L. Schill

Translated Beings Laboring Among the Indians

Nephite observatory

The Three Nephites

Gathering of Israel