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 "...I want to say unto you, my brethren, the time is coming when we will be mixed up in these now peaceful valleys to that extent that it will be difficult to tell the face of a Saint from the face of an enemy to the people of God. Then brethren, look out for the great sieve, for there will be a great sifting time, and many will fall; for I say unto you there is a test, a TEST,  A TEST coming, and who will be able to stand?"  Heber C. Kimball (said with unforgettable emphasis, as reported by those listening)

Is understanding this great sieve as simple a task as asking which church members are considered in good standing? How could any intelligent thinker put their trust in such a simple test for determining who is and isn't righteous?

Heber C. Kimball also said that only those who know that Jesus is the Christ will be able to stand the test, and if you don't know it, "get on your knees until you do". He said the church has a very close place to pass through but it will come through.

 Mark Hofmann was a considered a member in good standing. Although Mark Hofmann failed in his scheme, he did prove it was possible for an LDS church apostate (a personal secret at the time that he kept only to himself) to have a highly respected position in the church and attain a high position of influence on the church leadership, even to the extent of influencing members of the first presidency to act in a highly significant way. Practically speaking,  he successfully convinced not only the adversaries outside of the Mormon church but also the entire membership of the church to discard the authentic version of the divine origins of the church and accept the occult version as authentic.

    In hindsight, it has become quite clear that Hofmann's documents contained numerous flaws that could have and should have been uncovered before the documents became accepted. Yet curiously, his revisions to history were embraced almost enthusiastically as factual both in and outside of the LDS Church. These events also signified a departure from previous church policies of denouncing such stories and documents as frauds to be classified in the same vein as numerous other forgeries and fraudulent information put out by enemies to the church; therefore allowing such to disintegrate under the weight of their own claims and the tests of time when held up to scrutiny. 

D&C 58:43: "By this you know if a man repenteth of his sins- behold, he will confess them and forsake them."  As the sin of promoting Hofmann was made in public, there has not as of yet been a confession and forsaking of these types of sins by modern church leaders involved in the fiasco, therefore it is questionable who has and hasn't repented and can be trusted in any position on behalf of the true church. Those in the church who accepted Hofmann's forgeries based on putting their trust in imperfect humans rather than God are guilty of not using their free agency as should be their belief. We will all ultimately be judged by what we accept or reject.

Brigham Young stated that he modeled as closely as he could, the designs that Joseph Smith set forth in the building of the temples,and every thing else in the Mormon Religion. This would include the religious symbols and marks that adorn The Temples. Nowhere on the early temples that Brigham Young had a hand in designing, was there ever a pentagram! If the pentagram was used on the Nauvoo Temple, then why was the pentagram never used, on the Saint George Temple, Manti Temple, Logan Temple, Salt Lake Temple, or the earlier Kirtland Temple? Considering the various smear tactics, lies and cunning schemes anti-mormon groups have used to discredit the Mormon Church, how has it taken this long for this latest twist in history to be accepted as authentic? A slight challenge exists that the original Mormon leaders and their  numerous character witnesses that would rise to their defense when they were slandered and  falsely accused are no longer alive to defend themselves, and thus we only have their testimonies and that history which hasn't yet been tampered with. . If there were pentagrams on the original Nauvoo Temple design, how could this have gone unnoticed by true Mormons and objective research for over 150 years?

The answer is readily apparent, the pentagram was never used on the Nauvoo Temple.

The first known inverted pentagram on a Mormon building was introduced in the 1980s less than 20 years ago, on the fašade Of the History Museum that is across West Temple from Temple Square. It is located in the upper left-hand corner above the main entrance ( denoting that all who enter here in are under the power of Satan). Directly to the right of this pentagram is a Temple star with five points all radiating from the center. The author of this seems to be trying to give credence to the strange and foreign symbol of the inverted pentagram to the left.

Upon contacting the church for a credible answer, and after being transferred five times, the architects office told us that the fašade was an interpretation by a B. Y. U. Art Professor who gathered together old Mormon symbols in a collage that represented his interpretation of the history of Mormon symbols. During this time Mark Hofmann's forgeries were widely accepted by the church. Contained in these forgeries were examples of occultism, pentagrams and white witchcraft. When questioned as to whether or not some of these symbols were taken from these forgeries, those questioned became evasive, alluding that symbolism is what you make of it. But the awful reality is that any inverted pentagram is still a symbol of the devil.

This is a very sinister and disturbing development! According to The Donning International Encyclopedia Psychic Dictionary, the pentagram is the "most powerful symbol of all ceremonial rites..." Occult symbols have been used for centuries; the upside down star / pentagram has long been recognized as the symbol of Satan. In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies a perverted power. It is also known as the "sign of the cloven hoof," or the footprint of the devil. It is also called the "goat of mendes", when calling upon the demons of Satan, those who invoke them eventually forfeit their own souls.

The followers of Satan take this pentagram very seriously. Eliphas Levi, one of the most influential magicians of the 1800s, wrote in his massive volume on transcendental magic: "the pentagram signifies the domination of the mind over the elements, and the demons of air, the spirits of fire, the phantoms of water and ghosts of earth are enchained by this sign". This sign is used to call on the demonic forces of Satan, and has no place on a Temple of God!

The present leadership of the Mormon church is responsible for and has the final word on the symbols used on the Temples. Have these inverted pentagrams been installed through ignorance? Or possibly to show that the early Mormons were involved in occultism and white witchcraft? Or even worse are they trying to link Joseph Smith with these satanic symbols, knowing full well that he was the chief architect, that the designs he used came through him from God for this Holy Edifice. Joseph Smith well understood the Masonic Order, and was well acquainted with symbols both good and evil, and never would have placed such an evil symbol on a Temple of Lord. It is the purpose of this writing to show that whoever it is that is responsible today for placing these evil symbols on a Temple of God, and trying to implicate Joseph Smith as the author, claiming that this forgery of a Temple is accurate to the minutest detail will be proven wrong!

Now that pentagrams are on a so-called reconstructed original Mormon Temple, repercussions to the church in this area will be truly devastating! It gives the rest of the Christian world the ammunition that they need to discredit The Church and show that the Mormons are nothing more than an evil cult.

No matter how much you whitewash and adorn (with stained-glass) the inverted pentagram, it still is what it is, a symbol of evil . And no amount of window dressing will change that!

The inverted pentagram represents Satan. It is the symbol of witchcraft, warlocks and wiccans. The inverted pentagram has no place in a True Christian Church.

The early drawings of the Nauvoo Temple show a different design. So therefore the question arises, who was responsible for bringing the design of the inverted pentagram to the reconstruction of the Nauvoo Temple? Where did they get this idea? Why place a symbol of evil such as inverted pentagrams on a holy structure such as the Nauvoo Temple? Who would want inverted pentagrams adorning their buildings? Those who believe in the forgeries of Mark Hofmann that the Mormon church came from white witchcraft? Or perhaps practicers of witchcraft that have infiltrated the Mormon Church? Or possibly the ignorant that have no idea of what an inverted pentagram truly is? In any case these symbols of evil have been placed in the fourth floor windows of the Nauvoo Temple and the consequences of this serious and tragic mistake (if it was an unintended mistake) will have world wide repercussions.

Is this a mere coincidence that during the Mark Hofmann era, the leadership of the Church (the same leaders then as now ) were embracing his forgeries and acting as apologists in defending Salamanders and the idea that the church was founded on white witchcraft and occultism, all the while trying to mix this, with Joseph Smith's original account of the Angel Moroni Version? Hofmann's forgeries had world wide repercussions, instead of the dignity and respect that the Mormons had hard earned, the rest of the Christian world now held the church in contempt because of these forgeries which the church embraced showing that they were founded in occultism.

Then Mark Hofmann was exposed by his own stupidity, which brought an end to this attack on the very foundations of the Mormon church. Nearly two decades have passed and the church has recovered some of the dignity and respect that it had lost. Why then today are the same Leaders of the Church seemingly trying to once again establish witchcraft into the very foundation of the Mormon religion and destroy what little respect and dignity they had left by adorning the Nauvoo Temple with pentagrams? We feel it our duty now as well as it was then to oppose these slanderous attempts against Joseph Smith and the foundations of the Mormon religion.

It is the responsibility of all members of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints to find out who is responsible for including this hideous symbol of Satan on A Holy House of God, to expose them and excommunicate them if necessary, and to find out if they have placed this symbol on other temples or buildings, and to root out this evil from among the church.

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