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The Three Nephites

Translated Beings Laboring Among the Indians ( excerpts of sermon given Feb. 7. 1875)   By Orson Pratt

    There is one thing which I am now about to read which has not yet been fulfilled, and which we must fulfill before Zion is redeemed. I will read it: - "Behold saith the Father, I will bring the fulness of my Gospel from among them, and then I will remember my covenant which I have made unto my people, O house of Israel, and I will bring my Gospel unto them." 

"Now then, we are here in this land, the house of Israel are scattered all around us, some in the Great Basin, some in Arizona, some in Idaho, some in Colorado, some in Montana, some in one place, some in another - I refer to the American Indians, all remnants of the house of Israel.

    "This people - the Latter Day Saints, before they can ever return to build up the waste places of Zion and receive their inheritances in Jackson County, Missouri, have got to exert themselves to bring the remnants of Joseph to a knowledge of the truth. We have not made any great exertions in this direction unto the present time. The Lord has given us time since He brought the fulness of the Gospel.... to lay a foundation so we that we could commence this missionary work in behalf of and among the remnants of Joseph. 

    "We have got the foundation laid, we have succeeded in building many cities, towns, villages, etc., for some four hundred miles north and south - we have got our farms fenced and our water ditches dug, and we have begun to prosper in the land, so that now, I think, is the time for us to wake up our minds in relation to the scattered remnants of the house of Israel; (quote) 'Behold, then I will remember my covenant which I have made unto my people, O house of Israel, and I will bring my Gospel unto them.'

    "It seems that the Lord is working among that people, and that he is determined this prophecy shall be fulfilled whether we take it in hand or not. What do my ears hear? What do we all hear? Messengers are visiting these tribes in the basin, and in the region round  about hundreds of miles apart. These messengers come to them, and they speak in their own language in great plainness, and tell them what to do. They tell them to repent of their sins and to be baptized for the remission thereof; tell them also to cease roaming over the country and to cultivate the land; tell them to go to the Elders of this Church and receive the ordinances under their hands. 

    " Who are these messengers? Read the Book of Mormon and you will find what God promised to do for the remnants of Joseph fourteen hundred years ago..." 

    "The Lord said when their record should come forth in the Latter Days that He would send his messengers to them, and among these messengers He mentioned three persons who lived some eighteen hundred years ago, three of the Twelve who were chosen on this land. The Lord made a promise to these three that they should administer, as holy messengers in these latter days, for and in behalf of the remnants of the House of Israel...that they should be instruments in His hands in bringing these remnants to the knowledge of the truth.

    "We hear that these messengers have come, not in one instance alone, but in many instances. Already we have heard of some fourteen hundred Indians, and I do not know but more, who have been baptized. Ask them why they have come so many hundred miles to find the Elders of the Church, and they will reply: 'Such a person came to us, he spoke in our language, instructed us and told us what to do, and we have come in order to comply with his requirements."

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