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"The most cruel exile comes not from being forced to leave ones country, but from standing alone in defense of principle while yet surrounded by ones countrymen." (quote from Thomas Jefferson)

All who believe in the true principles of Mormonism must in a sense leave ones Church and stand alone in the midst of ones churchmen, in defense of the Prophet Joseph Smith, against spurious attacks on the character and good name of our founder, by insinuating hellish inverted pentagrams into the history of our Church.


If the Mormon Church founding and Prophet was tainted by the occult, white witchcraft, practicing cunning men, peep stones, superstition, salamanders or anything like unto it, even to the least degree, as portrayed by the Mark Hofmann forgeries of late and all the other anti-Mormon literature that has ever been written against Joseph Smith from the beginning, since he saw his first vision. Then how could it possibly be the One True Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?

The Prophet Joseph Smith conducted himself in a noble, honest and strictly uncompromising manner befitting the dignity of the office that he upheld, even to the point of his martyrdom wherein his own life’s blood was shed thus sealing his testimony.

And yet the present leadership of the Mormon Church has embraced the occult symbols as if they were their own. WHY ARE THE PRESENT MORMON CHURCH LEADERS SO DETERMINED TO PUT THE INVERTED PENTAGRAM OUT AS A MORMON SYMBOL, SUCH AS THEY HAVE DONE ON THE RECONSTRUCTED NAUVOO TEMPLE WHEN ALL THE EVIDENCE PLAINLY PROVES THAT IT WAS NEVER USED ON THE ORIGINAL NAUVOO TEMPLE, NOR WAS IT USED ON THE KIRTLAND TEMPLE OR THE SALT LAKE TEMPLE. Even though many ignorant critics claim that there are inverted pentagrams on the Salt Lake Temple they are mistaken! Although the Temple Stars are five pointed they have a raised center point and are clearly not the evil symbol of the followers of Satan.

President Gordon B. Hinkley recently authorized the use of inverted pentagrams on the Nauvoo Temple! Not just one, but well over a hundred! Not only did he authorize them but he insisted on placing them on and in the temple, according to several reports in spite of the concerns of some the men on the temple committee. Just as he ignored handwriting experts that declared that Mark Hofmann’s works were forgeries in the 1980's, almost 20 years ago.

Deuteronomy 18:10_12 tells us that witchcraft, and mysticisms, and the occult are abominations to God and are not to be trifled with; " There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD"

There are many more places in the Bible where God strongly condemns trifling with the occult. It is important to ask WHY IS PRESIDENT GORDON B. HINKLEY THE HEAD OF THE MORMON CHURCH PUTTING THE MOST WIDELY RECOGNIZED SYMBOL OF THE DEVIL ( THE INVERTED PENTAGRAM ) ON THE RECONSTRUCTED NAUVOO TEMPLE? Why did he so intently seek after the Hofmann forgeries, fund them, help validate them, give them credence, support Mark Hofmann, and be an apologist for the revised and completely ridiculous position that the forgeries caused in the Mormon Church? (Like defending a forgery of Mark Hofmann’s design, the white salamander as "an angel of fire") Thus, by insinuating the absurd claim that Joseph Smith was involved in the occult while forming the Mormon religion, and that he lied about the Angel Moroni being a white salamander lizard instead? Although these assertions were proven wrong in a court of law(Hofmann trial), the present day leaders to this day have not repented in public (as Church policy dictates)of these egregious errors. The membership should also know that they should repent for their sin in accepting these forgeries as the truth, for we will be judged by what we accept or reject. Each must know for themselves; one cannot be saved in ignorance.

Why would anyone put such an evil symbol on a temple of God? This makes absolutely no sense at all. Based on what? A so called preliminary sketch by William Weeks obtained over a hundred years after the fact? Some later sketches by William Weeks directly contradict the so called preliminary sketch in that they show a five pointed star with lines radiating out from the center like a temple star, with twenty lines in it instead of the five that constitute a pentagram.

By his actions President Gordon B. Hinkley has assumed full responsibility! So what are his motives? Why bring upon yourself the criticism of the known Christian world who generally regard the inverted pentagram as an evil symbol of the devil? Why give credence to the prejudicial claims of Mormons being nothing but a cult? Why validate the absurd claims that Joseph Smith was involved in necromancy and the occult? Is this fraud that is being thrust upon us the new symbol of Mormonism? Will the seminary students proudly wear inverted pentagram jewelry to go with their CTR rings? Why did President Gordon B. Hinkley inject these evil inverted pentagrams into the Mormon religion, and thus open the flood gate of derision, of ridicule, of contempt and make a mockery of the Mormon Religion? Did he do this through ignorance? Or perhaps a more sinister influence! In either case a true prophet of God cannot serve two masters! So then the question arises, why is President Gordon B. Hinkley so interested in promoting a symbol of the Devil? Why is he so intent on thrusting this evil symbol of Satan upon the Mormon religion as if it were a part of the legacy of the original teachings of Joseph Smith when it strains the imagination even to consider it?

Daguerreotypes (old style photo’s) absolutely do not substantiate any inverted pentagrams in the fourth floor circular windows of the Nauvoo Temple (unless you are looking at the computer enhanced picture (forgery) of the Nauvoo Temple on the Church website), nor are there any inverted pentagrams on the Kirtland Temple, the Salt Lake Temple, the Logan Temple, Saint George Temple, or the Manti Temple! Temples that were built " following as closely as possible the pattern laid out by Joseph Smith" all had no inverted pentagrams!

In the re-constructed Nauvoo Temple, in the Celestial room there are inverted pentagrams prominently displayed embroidered into the curtains! The assembly room has little inverted pentagrams all the way around the perimeter in the frieze molding. The exterior of the re-constructed Nauvoo Temple has inverted pentagrams prominently displayed in the forth floor circular windows.

It is commonly known that an inverted pentagram above a door means that all who enter herein are under the power of Satan! So logically carried to the next step does this also mean that any sacred ordinance that is performed under an inverted pentagram is of the Devil?

It is a very disconcerting thought that so many sacred ordinances performed in the reconstructed Nauvoo Temple are null and void, or possibly worse that they are sealed under Satan’s authority, in that they are completely surrounded by inverted pentagrams just as if they had drawn one on the floor and sat in the center of it to conjure up a demon!

"When an evil reaches a certain point, it becomes an evil not to oppose it" Quote from Joseph Smith.