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Translated Beings Laboring Among the Indians

The Three Nephites

Cry From the Dust Poem for America


Prophecy Held in Abeyance by O.B. Huntington

    When the Saints were driven from the state of Missouri it was a very surprising circumstance that we could not understand; after having been called there by the word of God, that we, then, must leave the country.

    We had been instructed that in Missouri was the most hallowed spot on earth - the very land where the New Jerusalem will be built. Now when compelled to hunt for another country we naturally asked ourselves the question, "Where can we go? Where can we find another Holy Land? How or when shall we get back to the consecrated spot for the New Jerusalem, that is to be built?"

    No other land would answer for that one object, according to our understanding - and so it really is, but there will be only a few of us left to help another people build the New Jerusalem, according to the Book of Mormon, III Nephi, 21st chapter, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th verses.

    Such were the reflections of the honest followers of Jesus Christ under the leadership of Joseph Smith; and our only consolation, our only hope was, that as God had given us a Prophet he would certainly get us out of that trouble; he would tell us all how to manage and where to go or what to do.

    O, what confidence we had in that man! What comfort we derived through our faith in God and Joseph Smith. Then he was a God to us.

    Now, every Latter-day Saint must be in possession of the mind and will of God for himself or he is liable to not stand long.

    How little we know of the great future and for that one thing I feel very thankful!

    Joseph finally led us to Nauvoo.

    Well, and how can we build up Zion here? This is not Missouri.

    Under Joseph's all-inspiring words we quickly resolved that "we will stay here as long as Joseph wants us to - he knows what is best," so we all set to with all our mights to do just what the Prophet Joseph directed, and in a few months there was quite a town built up out of as near nothing as God ever made anything.

    My father living in a good hewed log house in 1840 when one morning as the family all sat at breakfast old Father Joseph Smith, the first Patriarch of the Church and father of the Prophet Joseph, came in and sat down by the fireplace, after declining to take  breakfast with us, and there he sat some little time in silence looking steadily in the fire. At length he observed that we had been driven from Missouri to this place; and with some passing comments, he then asked this question: "And how long, Brother Huntington, do you think we will stay here?" As he asked this question I noticed a strange, good-natured expression creep over his whole being - an air of mysterious joy.

    Father answered, after just a moment's hesitation, "Well, Father Smith, I can't begin to imagine."

    "We will just stay here seven years," he answered. "The Lord has told Joseph so - just seven years," he repeated. "Now this is not to be made public; I would not like to have this word go any further," said the Patriarch, who leaned and relied on his son Joseph in all spiritual matters as much as boys generally do upon their parents for temporalities. There were then two or three minutes of perfect silence. Then the old gentleman with more apparent secret joy and caution in his countenance said, "And where do you think we will go to when we leave here, Brother Huntington?"

    Father did not pretend to guess, unless we went back to Jackson County.

    No, said the old Patriarch, his whole being seeming to be alive with animation. "The Lord has told Joseph that when we leave here we will go into the Rocky Mountains; right into the midst of the Lamanites." 

    This information filled our hearts with unspeakable joy, for we knew that the Book of Mormon and this gospel had been brought to light more for the remnants of Jacob on this continent than for the Gentiles.

    Father Smith again enjoined upon us profound secrecy in this matter and I don't think it was ever uttered by one of Father Huntington's family.

    The history of Nauvoo shows that we located in Nauvoo in 1839, and left it in 1846.

    The Church did move  to the Rocky Mountains into the midst of the Indians or Lamanites - or more properly speaking the Jews - and here we expect to live until we move to the spirit land or the Lord moves us somewhere else.

                                                                                  Young Women's Journal, Vol. 2:314-15

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